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The MIO-FoldUp - High Speed Door is the answer where openings are subject to windy conditions.

Standard Dimensions – up to 8000w x 8000h

Open/Close 1 M/Sec. Wind Rating Class 2 (Up-rated External)


Now with Class 2 Wind Resistance (as Standard), the speed of opening and closing and the seal qualities, the MIO-FoldUp Doors offer the best “package” for Industrial Users – Safety Edge and two pairs of Safety Photocells are, of course, standard. Vertical movement is actuated by lift belts, which progressively pack the sections at the top of the door. Constructed with the best materials and electronic components available, these doors are tested to resist the harshest treatment in industrial and commercial applications.

Marcott/ukhighspeeddoors.com is ALSO one of the very few Companies offering Certified ATEX Doors



The MIO-RollUp is the high speed roll-up door, available up to 4500w x 4500h, with Class 1 Wind Resistance (as Standard).  The MIO-RollUp is fully customisable to fit every solution for both internal or external applications. It comes with cables already prepared and positioned for Motor, Control Box, Photocells, Radio Safety Edge and accessories.

All safety devices come as standard as well as a full vision panel, full canopy for both upper barrel and motor unit.

A comprehensive choice of Opening Systems is readily available. Closing by automatic timer with a simple electronic parameter setting for selection of Open Time.


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The MIO-AluminaZip - High Speed Door is the door whose design and technical safety surpasses all comparable products!

In other Markets, this door is promoted as  “Self-Repairing”, but Marcott/ukhighspeeddoors will not use this terminology, as we believe it to be misleading!

Integrated Active Infrared Light Curtain

Full curtain coverage system instead of photocells and safety edge

MIO-AluminaZip is the only door with full Anodised Aluminium structure and canopy  as a standard with internal housing for electronics

Class 2 Wind Resistance - Up to 5000w x 4500h (as Standard)

Opening Speed 2,2m./sec (adjustable) soft start soft landing